Bhutan, a tiny Himalayan Nation perched high in the mighty Himalayan ranges, the kingdom has defined globalization and chosen to remain as a hidden paradise. It is a country where age old customs and traditions are still a part of everyday lives of people and gifts it’s kingdom with an aura that comes from the past.

Nestled between China and India with total land area of 38, 394 km square, and just about 700,000 citizens with her, Bhutan fairly engulfs herself into depths of Buddhism, yet intersperses swiftly with modern developmental activities.

Bhutan is marked by roar natural beauty and pristine virgin environment with almost 72% of its land still covered under forest. It is home to exotic wildlife, and the last refuge for abundant endangered species of flora and fauna.

It is a country guided with philosophy of Gross National Happiness, a term first ever coined by the remarkable Fourth King of Bhutan, Jigme Singye Wangchuck. “Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross National Product” clearly states that happiness is much valued in this tiny Himalayan country. As a matter of fact Bhutan is regarded to be one of the happiest nations in the world.

Bhutanese, the people of Bhutan are friendly, welcoming, warm & affectionate. A culture blended with religion, Tantric form of Buddhism (Drukpa – Kagyud), Bhutan provides a friendly gesture to any outsiders.

The people of Bhutan has drawn a rich culture from its heritage, and made it the essence of the unique identity. They have decided that a man can only survive and really live by being in touch with the past, amongst lots of globalization. It has balanced its value to keep the society together through the edges.

With the doors open wide for the outsiders, Bhutan was initially exposed with Internet & Television connection in 1999, after which the globalization too played a vital role, and now with most of the latest information and communication technologies.

Bhutan, today stands in mixed mode of Traditional preservation with globalizing development with rich architectural buildings with modern amenities fixed, and many more to be mentioned. Time passes by for the betterment, so it is in this tiny Himalayan country too.

Quick Facts

Land Area38,394 sq. km
Forest Coverage72.5 %
Time Zone6 Hrs+ GMT
Population7,50,000 (As per survey 2012)
ReligionMahayana Buddhism
CurrencyNgultrum (Nu.)
Altitude180 M - 7550 M above Sea Level