A wide variety of accommodation is available ranging from farm house stays to budget hotels to high end resorts. Most of the accommodation is basic but clean. Information on rates is available with the information counter of the Tourism Council of Bhutan at Phuntsholing or from the headquarter Tourism Council of Bhutan , Thimphu. Three star accommodation is provided for all tours booked through a local tour operator for all tourists paying the minimum tariff except for Indian, Bangladeshis and Maldivian nationals.

Dining Out

Almost all restaurants serve Indian and Chinese. Bhutanese dishes are also available in all the restaurants, the favorite being Ema Datsi, a cheese and chilly dish. All Bhutanese dishes use an abundance of chilly so do order according to your palette strength. Besides the locally produced beer and whisky the local brew – Ara which is brewed from rice, barley or wheat is also popular with visitors.