All visitors to Bhutan other than Indian, Bangladeshi and Maldivian nationals, require visa. We shall handle all your visa formalities for your trip to Bhutan, provided all the necessary information, which shall not be disclosed to any third party or other, until required for your travel to Bhutan.

Once you book your Bhutan tour package with us your visa is cent percent guaranteed and we can get your visa within 72 hours.

It is mandatory from the governing authority that the travel plan be all paid before your visa could be approved. On saying so, your trip payment shall be hold on with Tourism Council of Bhutan, and only be released to us on your departure from the country. This is to ensure that your payment is safe and not utilized until you have visited. Please check Policy Page for refund policy.

A one time Visa Application Fee of US$ 40 per person is applicable exclusively excluded from actual Tour Tariff.

For Indian nationals a Sustainable Development Fees (SDF) of INR 1200 per person per night for adults and for children of 6 to12 years have to pay INR 600 per child per night. Children below the age of 5 years are exempted. oPermit/Visa can be done online prior to arrival or can be obtained at the port of entry.

Book your trip with us and we will take care of all the formalities so that you can travel hassle free.

Documents required for Visa/Permit:

Passport with validity of at least six months for all nationals.

Passport or Voter Identification Card for Indians and birth certificate for children.