Filming Regulations

Unlike for the normal tourists visiting Bhutan, the rules and regulation and the Royalty fee for any activities related to films, documentaries and advertisements is entirely different. Prior permit for filming of any type must be obtained from Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority the implementing agency.  An individual or a company intending to make a film can apply for permit through licensed Bhutanese tour agents handling travel arrangements or licensed filming companies or individuals and/or government agency handling filming arrangements in Bhutan.

The Royalty fee structure payable to the Government (in United States Dollar) is as follows:

1 DOCUMENTARY USD 3,000/- USD 2,000/- USD 5,000/-
2 FILMS USD 10,000/- USD 2,000/- USD 12,000/-
3 ADVERTISEMENT USD 5,000/- USD 2,000/- USD 7,000/-
4 MUSIC VIDEO USD 3,000/- USD 2,000/- USD 5,000/-
5 TV SERIES USD 3,000/- USD 2,000/- USD 5,000/-

The filming fee as stated above is applicable for all filming activities irrespective of whether they are for non-profit, project related, developmental, promotional and educational films made by a development partner with the government, Bhutanese NGOs and other licensed organizations. There is no exemption of the fee under any circumstance.

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