Bhutan has no railway system but all major towns/cities are well connected by road. Despite high mountains, steep slopes, and the deepest of valleys, Bhutan has a relatively well developed network of roads. That said, rarely will one find a length of either straight or flat road. In some stretches one can encounter 6 to 7 bends per kilometer! Steep ascents and descents are characteristic of road travel in Bhutan and this can make travel much slower than one may be used to. Average speeds for road travel rarely exceed 40 km/h, with tourist buses making even slower progress. One is however handsomely rewarded for the long and sometimes tiring car journey, by the spectacular views of towering mountains, lush green jungle, ancient villages and majestic monasteries.

In country, Toyota Coaster buses (22 Seater) are used for public transport which are more reliable and comfortable for the narrow, winding and sometimes bumpy roads.


Very luxurious and comfortable Japanese & Korean cars for 1-2 people.

Very luxurious and comfortable Japanese & Korean cars for 2 people.

Toyota Prado Land Cruiser for 2-3 people.


Toyota Hi-Ace or Hyundai H1 Mini Bus is used for 3-7 people.


Toyota Coaster buses for group size of more then 8 people,

coaster bus