Drukgyal Dzong – The Fortress of Victory

Now in ruins the Dzong (fortress) was built by Lama Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal (Saint who unified Bhutan) to commemorate the victory over the Tibetan invaders in the year 1644; thus the name “Drukgyal” meaning “Victorious Drukpas”. The Dzong was used as an administrative center until 1951 when a fire destroyed it. Most of the Tibetan Invasions including the Mongolian Invaders led by the Famous Mongolian General, Gushri Khan were repelled back from this Dzong which has a strategic Defense location.

On clear days you can view the Majestic Mount Jhomolhari (7314m/24,000ft) which lies on the border with Tibet and the locals revere it as the abode of Goddess Jhomo. First climbed in 1937, it is believed the mountaineers stopped short of the summit in difference to local sentiment and it is now a ‘protected peak’.

The ground work to restore the fortress to its former glory has been started recently.