M. V. Silva, Argentina

Had a great tour in Bhutan and my guide Dechen was amazing. The last day was very special when I wore traditional dress as we finished our final day tour. I was complemented by two elderly Bhutanese women for this effort.

Each of the hotels were clean, with great service and wonderful food.

Dechen my guide was very informative about each of tourist spots that we visited. Loved the picnic on the last day. I helped her increase her skills when taking a photo.

The walk to the Tigers nest was great and I had a lovely time sharing it with Dechen. and was wonderfully completed with the hot stone bath at the end of the day with a great meal.

It was great that they were flexible with the tour and that if something spark my interest there was an attempt to include it.

Appreciated the help with purchasing my gifts for family and friends.

I’m sure that I will return to Bhutan were the country seems to breath together and were happy. I came away very relaxed and at peace with myself.

Thank you Chen Ray for a great tour. Well done I’m sure that I will return to Bhutan because I love your country,